RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

As of 2006, has a RSS Feeds & Podcast Directory to promote and encourage syndication.

What is RSS?

RSS is a free, simplified format for syndicating news and content. RSS feeds are utilized by many major news sites like CNN and Yahoo! through to the UCLA community like the Daily Bruin and Media Relations. Each feed breaks down the most recent updates: headline, summary and link for each update.

Why use RSS?

It’s easier, faster access to updated content from your favorite sites. By subscribing to or bookmarking feeds that you want, your reader or browser will translate code to readable links, updated automatically when new content is available from each subscription.

Using RSS

You can display feeds on several kinds of personalized web sites or a desktop/mobile application. You usually need to copy-and-paste the feed’s URL, but for online readers you may find links that simplify the process in the form of “add to…”

Authoring RSS

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