Produced by Reazon Systems, Inc., is an online resource for students and faculty. Rubric is one of the website’s free tools.

Through this feature, instructors can design rubrics online. Like traditional hard copy rubrics, they are constructed by the instructor to provide a detailed breakdown of how students and/or the students’ work will be evaluated. However, with the Rubric software, instructors can increase the ease and speed in designing and executing a rubric.

Designing the Rubric

Through the Rubric Studio, instructors can create new rubrics, modify existing rubrics, or use existing rubrics to design new files. Instructors can also look through rubrics posted by their peers in the Rubric Gallery in order to help construct their own grading standards.

Building a Community

The Rubric Gallery is a public catalog of rubrics organized by subject and type. Here, instructors can share their files to help others build or improve their own rubrics. Posting a rubric in the gallery is optional. (See below for details)

Grading Made Easier and Faster

As instructors, it can be incredibly time consuming grading the work produced by an entire class of students. Through Rubric, instructors simply have to click on boxes and input numbers. Rubric does the math. This allows instructors to focus more attention on the students rather than the grades.

Collecting Data

With increasing pressure to record and measure student performance, Rubric makes it easier for instructors to collect and analyze pieces of data. Instructors can compare student performance to see if they need to invest more time on a certain subject. They can also test objectives by examining student performance over time.

Student Reaction

Through rubrics, students know exactly what they will be evaluated on, which gives them a better understanding of instructor and class expectations.

Further Details

The software is free for registered members who agree to share their rubrics with others. Registration is free for students and faculty.

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