DCP/OIT has licensed the SensusAccess online file conversion service. Sensus combines a series of file conversion tools & unifies them in a web form interface. Specify the source file & desired format, and it emails you the result. It converts one file at a time, but the process is quite painless.

It does the “traditional” file conversions: Word to PDF, PDF to HTML or ePub, etc. They also include many choices that can help disability access: synthetic speech, braille output formats, optical character recognition of JPG and some other image types. It doesn’t remove the need to author accessible documents, but gives end users a great deal of flexibility to read in their preferred format. Some routines, like the PDF>Word module make intelligent guesses and (usually) produce documents with improved structure.

We are gauging interest in making this a long term viable service for the campus. If there are a bunch of files and want them all in the same format, or would like to listen to some documents during your commute, please give it a try. Or, come up with a use case we haven’t thought of!

Find out more and start converting files at:

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(Thanks to Patrick Burke for this! )