Setting up a personal website at UCLA

There are several services at UCLA that allows students, staff, or faculty to set up personal websites.

SEASnet (Engineering school computer system) webspace:

If you have a SEASnet account (all Engineering students, staff, and faculty, and students who are taking engineering classes are eligible for a SEASnet account), then you can set up a webspace on your SEASnet account file space. For instructions, see this page . The address of your website will be of the format I believe that you also do not have the ability to run your own server-side scripts on this webspace.


Many departments have their own computer account systems that they offer to their members (especially for grad students and faculty). Typically, if these are Unix/Linux clusters, they run a web server that allows you to put a special folder in your home directory (like “www” or “public_html”) that will be accessible from something like Check with your department for more information. The individual department systems are too numerous to list here.