Sharing a Printer from XP Box to MacOSX Box

On the WinXP Box:

Add the TCP/IP print server service
Log in with Administrative privileges.

Click Start → Settings → Control Panel.

Double-click Add-remove Programs.

Click the Add-Remove Windows Components side button.

Open the Other Network File and Printer Services section.

Put a checkmark in Print Services for Unix.

Click OK; click Next. (The Computer will probably ask for the WinXP install disk, go ahead and put it in and the install will run automatically.)

Click Finish.

Close the Add-remove programs window.
To have the service start automatically (as a daemon):
Click Start → Settings → Control Panel.

Double-click Administrative Tools.

Double-click Services.

Double-click TCP/IP print Server.

Change the “Startup Type” to Automatic.

Click OK and close the windows that are open.
To share the printer for TCP/IP printing:
Click Start → Settings → Printers.

Right-click the print you want to share and select Sharing.

Click the radio button for Share as and fill in the share name you want to print to.


On your Mac:

Launch the Print Center.

Click the “Add Printer” button.

Change “Appletalk” to “IP Printing”

Enter the WinXP Computer’s IP address in the Address box.

Uncheck the default queue radio button.

Enter the name of the printer share you defined on the XP machine.

Select your printer model (Install Gimp-Print if you don’t see a ppd for your printer, restart print center and try again).
Print away!

And… it’ll ask for a username and password. Use the local account the user has on the PC.