Simplifying web-based processes with CoScripter

IBM has a very cool Firefox-only plugin called CoScriptor which is
sort of a macro recorder for Firefox:

There are a variety of scripts available for perusal, use, and
editing. Scripts that get created using co-scriptor are
automatically re-archived for others to use.

It could easily be used to automate a lot of support functions of the sort:
1 – go to this site
2 – click on this button
3 – type your university ID into this text box
4 – now click on submit
3 – now type in "change your email final delivery point:
4 – etc

All the above can be scripted with CoScriptor.

Jon Udell interviewed Tessa Lau, one of the investigators about the
project (formerly called Koala).

The interview itself is at:

Very interesting concept and implementation."

Taken from email to UC-CSC list by UCI colleague Harry Mangalam.