Student enrollment and Add/drop behaviors in CCLE/Moodle

When do students get access to the CCLE class sites?

The moment the students are officially enrolled in the class, they will have access to the CCLE class sites. However, there might be a slight delay in syncing the roster to the class sites. If this happens, please encourage the students to click on the “Need Help” button located in the upper right hand corner of the CCLE sites (for both the Shared System and the SSC Systems) and submit a trouble ticket. Our helpdesks can check on the roster sync for the student.

Are wait-listed students given access to CCLE class sites?

Yes, students are officially listed on the wait-list will have access to the class sites. Students who are not on the wait-list, awaiting a PTE number, or auditing the class will not have access to the class site. They will need to ask their instructor for an invitation (from the class site) in order to access the site.

Do concurrently enrolled students through UCLA Extensions (UNEX Students) have access to the CCLE class sites?

Yes, however, UNEX students will need to have completed the necessary paperwork and paid for their tuition in order to be added to the class site roster.

How do I know what the enrollment codes are for my students?

Below are the codes that will appear next to the regularly enrolled UCLA and UNEX Student in the instructor’s official Registrar roster:

Regular Students
E: Enrolled
D: Dropped
W: Wait List
H: Held

UNEX Students
P: Pending
A: Approved
C: Cancelled