Technical Training and Development

UCLA offers many technical training resources intended for both technical and non-technical personnel. The list below is intended as a good starting point for the most popular of these. A great starting place is, the UCLA gateway to online IT training resources.


  • offers basic online training for all skill levels on a wide variety of commonly used applications and operating systems. This is currently available for free to all UCLA faculty, staff, and students.
  • Microsoft IT Academy is a new online training option that’s being provided by the UCLA Help Desk Consortium. It offers online training modules on most Microsoft products for both general users as well as IT professionals.


  • Campus Human Resources has a variety of training classes, workshops, and seminars. Some that are particularly relevant to IT staff and management include: Supervisory Certificate, Management Development Certificate, Management Training Workshops, and Management Skills Assessment Program. Two very popular Career Development Programs are the year-long Staff Enrichment Program (SEP) and Professional Development Program (PDP).
  • UCLA Extension offers a wide variety of courses including a large number specific to computers and technology (some online). They also offer an new eight-course Certificate in Information Technology Management. UCLA staff gets a 25% discount on these classes.


Although there currently isn’t a volume discount with any of the external providers of technical training, most of them offer educational discounts. If the material you’re looking for isn’t available from the above resources then here are other companies that have been known to provide good quality classes: