Transfer Zoom Recording to UCLA Box

To download Zoom Recordings and Upload to UCLA Box please follow these steps below:

1) If you will have to login into UCLA Zoom Video Conferencing. Use the link below and login using your UCLA Logon.

2)Once logged in. On the menu to the left hand side click on Recordings.

Recordings - the location where all Zoom recordings are stored.

3)Once there click on the recording you would like to download and click on More and then Download.

More- the location where to download Zoom recordings.

4)Once downloaded to your computer. Save it where you would like to store it on your personal computer.

In order to upload your Recordings to UCLA Box please follow these steps:

1) Login into UCLA Box. Use the following link and sign in with your UCLA Logon .

2) Once logged into UCLA Box. At the top right corner click on Upload.

Location of the upload button onto UCLA Box.

3)You will have an option of uploading a File or Folder. Click on your preference.

File or Folder upload onto UCLA Box.

4)Located your downloaded recording that you saved to your computer. Once you upload the file (or Folder) it will appear in the Files or Folder section.

Location where files or folder will be found on UCLA Box

5)If you want your recording to be uploaded to a specific location select the folder and follow the same instructions as shown above. For instance, I want to save my recording in Michelle’s Files Folder, so I click on it. And followed the same instructions.

The path where to find files or folders: this example video located in Michelle's Files.

6)The link below will show you how to share files uploaded onto UCLA Box.