Troubleshooting AIS Mainframe Printing

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To troubleshoot a printing problem you will need the following information:
RMT number, IP address and and the queue name of printer.

Example: RMT3695, / North

Top 3 most common JQP-related problems and solutions:

1. The print server IP address and/or queue name don’t match the information
entered on the mainframe.

Solution: Verify with the AIS Help Desk (x66951) that your IP and queue
match what is entered in JQP.

2. The local print queue is not configured correctly
Solution: verify that Unix Print Services for Windows is installed on the print

3. There is a firewall blocking traffic from the mainframe to the print server
on port 515.

Solution: configure your network firewall to allow inbound traffic
from port 515 to your print server.

Detailed troubleshooting steps:

1. Determine if print queue is configured correctly.

Run the “lpq” command from a DOS prompt on the same network as the print server:

Usage: lpq -Sserver -Pprinter


G:\> lpq -S164.67.133.36 -PNorth Windows LPD Server Printer \\\North
  • If the lpq command results in an error, the problem is usually that Unix
    Print Services is not installed on the print server.

2. If the lpq command works locally, then verify that remote connections work
from the mainframe by running lpq from TSO (if necessary contact AIS for

From TSO:

lpq (host printer North) , Windows LPD Server, , Printer ::, ,Owner Status Jobname Job-Id Size Pages Priority, ,——————————————————————————————————————, ,READY ,
  • If the lpq command works locally but lpq from the mainframe results in an
    error, the problem is usually firewall related. Verify that your department
    firewall is open, allowing inbound traffic to the print server from the
    mainframe (, port 515).