UCLA Experiences with Second Life

In order to give a feel for what people at UCLA are doing with Second Life, this article has been created. Please add anything you think appropriate. And please mention it to any instructors, grad students, or staff that use Second Life in their teaching or research.

2/18/09 Esther Grassian: I was so busy today, as we had a discussion and tour of the Stanford Library island in SL.72 people rsvp’d for it from various parts of the country and the world, and so many showed up that we couldn’t get them all into the Digital Library Federation’s island (Entropia). So we all went over to the Stanford island—there were about 60 avatars there. It was a great discussion and tour! They’re doing some amazing things there. I have a copy of the transcript, but am not sure everyone would want to read through it.The Mellon Seminars in Digital Humanities are continuing to be streamed live into Entropia, with the next one scheduled for March 9th, 2-5 pm SLT/PST. Contact Esther Grassian for more information on any of this: estherg@library.ucla.edu

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