Using the text editor in CCLE with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone)

One regular complaint about accessing CCLE through the iPad or iPhone is that users cannot complete activities that include the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) text editor often found in, for example, forums, quizzes and questionnaires. This is because the WYSIWYG text editor uses Flash, which iOS does not currently support.

However, the iOS user can still access the text editor by switching to the plain-text editor.

Once in the WYSIWYG editor view, select the double angle-bracket (<>) button indicated below:

CCLE plain text editor button

Wait a moment or two for the screen to refresh to a view that will gray out the other WYSIWYG editor buttons. Once this new editor view is available, you can enter plain text.

Because the original use for this button is as an HTML editor, an iOS user who knows HTML may use HTML tags to format text in the plain-text mode.