Utilizing Dropbox as working directory for Stata (Mac)

When working with Stata, you must set a working directory for your programs.

Typing cd tells you what the current working directory is. This directory is where Stata
will look for data to use or change or save a log file. By default, Stata uses
/Users/username/Documents or /Users/username/Applications/Stata. You can change the working directory by using the command cd or Go to File ➡ Change Working Directory.

Most likely, when choosing to use Dropbox as your default working directory, you are accessing data files from various machines. If you are manually editing your programs to access data from your Dropbox directory, you can prepend the path with ~\Dropbox\ and then your folder path, ex. ~\Dropbox\YourDataFolder . This will ensure that the working directory will always look for your Dropbox installation folder path, regardless of your home path name (since they may differ between machines).