Web Accessibility Resources

This article is a resource list to help Web developers design sites that are accessible to persons with disabilities. The list will evolve as technology changes, and also in response to issues raised by UCLA Web developers. It will be further supplemented by other materials produced by the UCLA Disabilities and Computing Program .

See also other articles in this Knowledge Base under the “accessibility” tag.

UC System Accessibility

“Accessible Web Design Resources ":http://www.ucop.edu/irc/itaccessibility/resources/ This will collect best practices for Web designers across the UC’s. For those already familiar with basic accessibility concepts, the Design Tips and Technical Topics pages will be the most immediately useful.


Web Accessibility In Mind (WebAIM) at Utah State University has emerged as a leading reference site for many accessibility topics.:

Introduction to Web Accessibility from WebAIM
Resources from WebAIM , including Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar ;
The WAVE Accessibility Tool , and many more.


World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design (University of Washington, DO-IT Program)

“Accessibility tagged articles from 456Berea Street blog ":http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/categories/accessibility/ (current issues in accessibility and usability)