What applications and services at UCLA are using Shibboleth for authentication?

The following are links to applications on campus that use Shibboleth for authentication. Use these links to help troubleshoot login problems, to test whether it is a system-wide Shibboleth issue or not.

Please add links to other UCLA applications that are using Shibboleth for login/authentication.

Click “Login” (upper righthand corner) and then UCLA Login.

MyEvents publishes student events online. It requires you to be a member of UCLA to access, hence the Shibboleth login. They have plans to leverage Shibboleth returned data to provide personalization features down the line. It’s pretty cool! Check it out.

WhoAmI is a diagnostics application used to test UCLA’s Shibboleth’s Identity Provider (IdP). To use, log in using your UCLA Logon ID. You should see a dump of all HTTP headers Shibboleth sees. NOTE: This site is restricted to UC networks only. To use, you must be coming in from an UC IP address.