What are some labs where I can use special multimedia for my class?

Technology is constantly changing, and with that change comes new and innovative ways for instructors to present their course materials. On campus, there are many labs with a wide variety of multimedia tools available for instructors to tie into their regular lecture schedule. Here are a few labs around campus:

  • Visualization Portal – A 40-seat theater with up-to-date virtual reality technologies located on the 5th floor of the Math Science Building, the facility is literally a portal into other times, places, and experiences.
  • Instructional Media Lab – The UCLA Instructional Media Lab provides access to course related materials for self-study, group instruction or research.
  • Instructional Media Library – The OID Instructional Media Library (IML) is UCLA’s central resource for the collection and maintenance of instructional media.
  • “Instructional Media Production:”http://www.oid.ucla.edu/units/imp/ – Instructional Media Production (IMP) supports all aspects of effective presentation, with a staff of media professionals and a state-of-the art technical facility.
  • Social Sciences Computing