What can I do with the Download Manager on Firefox?

In addition to keeping information on all your downloads in one place, the
Download Manager keeps convenient download actions easily accessible for each
of your downloads.


You can pause any downloads currently in progress by clicking the Pause link beside the file entry. This may be useful, for example, if you need to open a small download started after a large download. Pausing downloads gives you the choice to decide which of your downloads are most important. When you want to continue downloading those files, simply use the Resume link to finish those downloads.


If after starting a download you decide you no longer need that file, canceling the download is simple: just use the Cancel link beside that file entry to cancel it and free up your connection for your browsing and other downloads.

Open the File

When a download has finished, the Open link will appear by the file entry. Use it to open the file.

Remove the File’s Entry

If you do not wish to store information on a particular download, removing the entry is as simple as the click of a mouse. Simply use the Remove link beside the file entry to delete it.

Retry a Download

If for any reason a download does not complete, it is easy to attempt the download again. To recover from a failed download and retry it, just use the Retry link next to the file entry and Firefox will restart the download for you.

Show Download Folder

If you have set Firefox to save all downloads to a folder in Download Manager OptionsPreferences, you can open this folder by clicking the Folder Name at the bottom of the Download Manager window.