What is the best solution for emailing large files? I'm not sure which to choose: DropLoad, DropSend, YouSendIt, SendThisFile, Streamload, SugarSync,

All of the listed options are pay to use. We recommend looking into Google Drive as it comes with 5GB of storage free, with generous upgrade options like $2.49/month for 25GB of extra storage and $4.99/month for 100GB of storage. It allows user to transfer files of larger sizes between computers with ease and little hassle.

Amazon Cloud and Microsoft SkyDrive are also great alternatives as well.


1. It is your responsibility to take privacy and security into consideration.

2. Restricted and confidential information must never be stored, received, processed, or
published on non-UC systems that have not been approved.

3. The University cannot protect the privacy of your communications if you use one of these

Additional details here http://kb.ucla.edu/articles/sending-very-large-files