What is the marketscore problem and how can it affect my logins?

When debugging why someone can’t login via ISIS (Campus Authentication System) sometimes it looks like they are coming in from a different IP address than they claim. The Marketscore spyware has sometimes been the culprit.

Spyware put out by Marketscore is known to redirect all your web
traffic, including SSL (port 443) connections for secure transactions,
to a server registered by Marketscore. At that point, Marketscore would
be able to monitor everything you do through the web, although what they
are looking for specifically is not known.

More information on this spyware can be found here:

Please keep in mind if a system infected with this spyware holds
personal data on it (SB1386-type data such as Social Security Number or
credit card number), you should get in touch with your security breach
coordinator <http://www.icompass.ucla.edu/security/csbcoord.pdf>
immediately and follow the procedures in UCLA Policy 420
_0420_0.HTML> to avoid violating California State Law.