What is the purpose of this knowledgebase?

The purpose of this knowledgebase is to share questions and answers among the dozens of Help Desks we have at UCLA. Some of our technology questions are specific to our departments, but our guess is that there are a large number of common questions. We believe that as the campus computing infrastructure becomes more and more interdependent, there is great value in sharing what we learn and know.

  • Target Audience
    • First, our various help desk staff and student workers – if we don’t use it no one will.
    • Second, campus groups and organizations such as BruinTech, Campus Web Publishers, UCLA Programmers Exchange, etc.
    • Staff, students and faculty – once we have enough in here that it’s worth sharing.
  • Use Cases
    • share writeups or tutorials
    • short FAQs to help with accuracy and training of student help desk workers
    • advertise obscure information, but useful, info on your own website
    • share your bookmarks and resources as you learn new technology
    • after a three hour search through MSDN, Google, or Stack Overflow, save the solution to your obscure problem so you and others can find it easily the next time
    • answers can be refined by others on campus to elaborate or make them clearer (and you can be notified if an answer changes)