What is UCLA on iTunes U?

iTunes U is an Apple program to assist universities distribute their digital content using the iTunes desktop application. Apple offers institutions of higher learning free storage space and tools for uploading content, which is then available for download.

In conjunction with Apple Computer, the Office of Instructional Development, the Office of Information Technology, and the UCLA Library have lead a collaborative effort to bring the iTunes U program to UCLA.

UCLA on iTunes U is the campus’s instance of the iTunes U program, providing an easy means of distributing digital content. Users can “subscribe” to podcasts, which are then downloaded to their computer and can be transferred to a portable device, such as an iPod.

If you are a campus department who already hosts podcasts, you don’t need to post your files in two places. As long as your RSS feeds are standard (or at least work in iTunes U), you can copy the RSS feed into an iTunes U site. iTunes U then becomes another distribution point. The actual media files are still served by you, and they can be subscribed to via the iTunes U interface.

For more information regarding the Apple iTunes U program, please visit:

For more information regarding UCLA on iTunes U, our local instance of the program, please see: