What is University Web Developers List?

The University Web Developers List (uwebd@umich.edu) is a mailing list and public archive specifically dedicated to assisting people responsible for implementing and maintaining web sites in a University environment. Besides the mailing list, they keep an archive of frequently asked questions from the list. While this list is not always the latest word on technology, it gives a good insight to particular web problems at colleges and universities. I recommend it in digest form.

Two related Mailing Lists for Higher Ed. web admins that I just learned about:

  • HighEdWeb-L – This list is a forum for the Higher Education Web Professional Association to advance Web professionals, technologies, and standards in higher education.
  • EDUCAUSE Web Professionals Constituent Group – This EDUCAUSE constituent group discusses the use of the Web as both a productivity and a public relations tool for institutions. Discussion topics include Web site design, development, and maintenance; Web policy issues; training, templates, and support for Web page publishers; building Web site consistency and cohesiveness; and providing Web-based services to university employees and students. The group supports all Web professionals (project managers, administrators, developers, designers, and others) who are responsible for their institution’s Web presence. This group meets at the EDUCAUSE annual conference and uses the electronic discussion list to discuss issues throughout the year. (It appears that anyone can join the list.)