Where can I find a place to upload and store my data?

There are lots of ways you can store your data for future use. Some things to keep in mind are:

  1. How long do I need to keep my data?
  2. Is my data in a format that can be used again, even if there are software and operating system changes?
  3. Am I required to store my data by a funding agency or legal requirement?
  4. Do I want others to be able to use my data without my help?

If you need to keep your data for more than one or two years; if you might need to deal with software upgrades; if you are required to store your data; or if you want to be able to easily share your data, then you should choose carefully. Selecting a site where your data are preserved is best , but if you just need a place to store stuff for awhile, then there are also some nice free sites.

If you need help deciding, please contact the Social Science Data Archive archivehelp@ssc.ucla.edu.

Here are links to possible data storage sites:

  • Buzz data – free or buy; doe not necessarily preserve for the future
  • Figshare – free or buy; does not necessarily preserve for the future
  • Dataverse – free; excellent long term preservation options
  • ICPSR – free to members of the UCLA community; excellent long term preservation options
  • CDL-Merritt – free and long term storage; limited long term preservation