Where can I find a room on campus for a vendor or my department to do a seminar or event?

There are a number of large rooms and auditoriums that are available for technology presentations, vendor seminars, conferences, and campuswide meetings. Following are possible sites to check out. NOTE: If you are trying to help set up something for a vendor, you may need your department to sponsor it to use certain rooms (e.g. the Faculty Center). If the vendor is to sponsor the event themselves, they should arrange for and pay for their own location on campus (Faculty Center is not an option for vendors). The campus is not equipped to arrange this on behalf of a vendor. We can help publicize the event, but other than that, it is the vendor’s responsibility.

Links for rooms:

Campus Venues: http://www.events.ucla.edu/scheduling.html
Faculty Center: http://facultycenter.ucla.edu/events.htm
ASUCLA: http://www.asucla.ucla.edu/eventservices/stu_venues.asp