Where can I go for multimedia production?

  • CLICC – check out the information on Software and the section on Printing, Scanning and Beyond.
  • Instructional Media Production – Instructional Media Production (IMP) supports all aspects of effective presentation, with a staff of media professionals and a state-of-the art technical facility.
  • Instructional Media Lab – The UCLA Instructional Media Lab provides access to course related materials for self-study, group instruction or research.
  • UCLA Photographic ServicesUCLA Photographic Services is your prime on-campus resource for creation, capture, management, and output of images. We provide posters, prints, scanning, video capture, medical illustration, photography, digital asset management, digital archiving, slides, and CD-ROM duplication.
  • Social Sciences Computing – Streaming media is a versatile technology that allows you to distribute audio and video over the internet.