Who needs an AIS logon ID and How do I get one?

AIS provides 2 types of logon IDs: OASIS, QDB.
These IDs are used for the Administration of University Business. The IDs are associated with the user’s department.

  • OASIS IDs provides you with access to payroll, financial, purchasing, student administration and more.
  • QDB IDs provides you with access to view and create financial related reports and DACSS information.

In order to obtain a logon ID, your department should submit an online request to AIS. There are 2 Departmental Security Administrators (DSA) for OASIS in each department. In order to find out who your DSAs are, please speak with your manager/supervisor or a person that already has an ID.

For detailed information, please visit the following site http://www.ais.ucla.edu/access/access.htm