Why am I getting strange emails or why are people receiving emails from my address that I did not send?

Both of these problems can be caused because of a virus. Some viruses (such as the W32/Klez.e@MM computer virus) have the ability to send emails with faked or “spoofed” From:/To: fields, users may receive or may inadvertently be sending emails to random people from their system due to being infected by such viruses. These types of viruses have the ability to collect email addresses from address books and browser history files from infected machines. As a result, a message may appear to be sent by you to an invalid address, causing the message to bounce back to the faked From: address (your email address).

If you receive such messages, please forward the entire message with full email message headers to abuse@ucla.edu and we will attempt to remedy the problem. If you do not know how to display full email message headers, please provide us with the email program that you are using. You can also use our Spam Identification Service to identify spam before it gets to your inbox.