Why can't I send e-mails to @ucla.edu addresses?

Note: This article only applies to e-mail routed through smtp.ucla.edu. Several departments on campus administer their own mail servers with their own set of rules regarding spam and mail delivery.

In late 2004, UCLA’s Information Technology Planning Board approved a policy for smtp.ucla.edu that disallows direct connections from residential dial-up/broadband systems, from other dynamically allocated IP addresses, or from hosts with “generic” reverse DNS entries. This was done in a bid to curtail the volume of spam entering into UCLA through home computers infected with viruses.

If you are someone sending messages to an individual in the ucla.edu domain or you are having problems receiving mail from someone outside of the ucla.edu domain, this is due to the problem stated above. Senders to the ucla.edu domain have a few options options: fix their reverse DNS entry with their ISP, route their mail through their ISP’s mail server, or provide us with the following information for whitelisting:

  • the mail server’s static IP address
  • mail server hostname
  • the system adminstrator’s name
  • sys admin’s email
  • sys admin’s phone number

This can be done by e-mailing us at consult@ucla.edu or contacting us via telephone at (310) 267-HELP. Further information regarding our policy can be found at: