Why doesn't wiki in Sakai let me edit?

In UCLA’s Sakai Pilot, it’s not enough to install the Wiki tool and assume that those with Maintain privileges will be able to edit pages.

To give those privileges, a Sakai Administrator needs to do the following:

  1. in Sakai, go to the appropriate site
  2. click on Wiki and you should see these links: Home View Edit Info History Search
  3. click on Info, which should show you “Page Permissions by role” and at this point you can make sure that the maintainers don’t already have the correct permissions.
  4. instead of checkboxing here, go down to the SAVE button and next to it click on"you may edit site permissions"
  5. now, give maintainers Update Admin Super Admin privileges (Note, not sure whether all of these privileges are required. Please update this if you learn differently.)
  6. click SAVE button

Note: It’s up to you if you’d also like to give these privileges to those site members with access privileges, not just those with maintain privileges.