Wiki Software Alternatives

Looking for the best Wiki software?

  • – compare wiki features and requirements side by side. Try the Wizard, it lets you pick wikis by language, database/flatfile, commercial/open source.

Here are some notes and recommendations I saw on the uwebd listserv.

This article was originally posted on the UCLA Programmers Wiki by Aaron Proctor.

What would be nice is to have UCLA experience documented here:
Prof. Jeffrey Lewis, Poli Sci

  • MoinMoin – in Python – likes it very much
  • Trac – “is a category killer for open source software development wiki/bug tracker, connected to Subversion area”

Mike Franks, Social Sciences Computing

  • Twiki – used it for several years with student programmers, but couldn’t figure out how to use it to create many, small wikis for committees, small teams, etc.
  • Cluster Wiki – from back of Bo Leuf/Ward Cunningham book The Wiki Way but heavily modified for our purposes. Has been good for having many (around 30) wikis, but still doesn’t scale because it’s Perl CGI with no database, and though we could use ModPerl, I’d rather not. Haven’t tied it into ISIS yet because I’m still looking for a faster one that scales better.