Windows Explorer Startup Options

A number of times the following shortcut has proven helpful to force Windows Explorer to open a specific folder and do so in “Explorer” mode (so you can see the folders on the left without having to hit the Folders button every time).

1. create a new shortcut to a given folder using your favorite method — mine is to right-click on the folder and select Send To > Desktop.

2. right-click on the new shortcut and select Properties.

3. in the Target field (on the Shortcut tab) preface the current path with:
c:\windows\explorer.exe /e,

So if the folder path was “C:\My Docs” in the Target field, it should now read:
c:\windows\explorer.exe /e,“C:\My Docs”

[note: you may have to change paths if you’re Windows OS is installed elsewhere. I wanted to use the SystemRoot variable but this KB doesn’t seem to allow the percent sign]

I realize that this only saves 1 click but all those clicks can add up over time. :)