X11 on MacBook Pros

As of August 2007, Apple made a real effort to hide X11 on Tiger install disks for MacBook Pros. It doesn’t get installed by default, and it’s not available through the installer. To get it, insert disk 1, open Terminal and run:

open /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ Disc\ 1/System/Installation/Packages/X11User.pkg

Update: OS X 10.5 Leopard installs X11 by default and features tighter integration between the two, so the above procedure is no longer necessary. However, X11 on Leopard is broken for all practical purposes. Users are encouraged to install the updated open source version (developed outside Apple), or downgrade to a more stable Tiger version.

Update: If you don’t have the OS X 10.4 disc and are still running 10.4, you may download the X11 installer package from here: