XP Desktop Setup for AIS Remote Printing

1. Enable LPR printing services (Print Services for Unix).
Click on the Start Menu then Control Panel.
Click on Add or Remove Programs.
Click on Add/Remove Windows Components.
Select Other Network File and Print Services.
Click on Details.
Select Print Services for Unix.
Click on OK, then click on Next.
Click on Finish.

2. Enable TCP/IP printing services to start automatically.
Click on the Start Menu then Control Panel.
Click on Performance and Maintenance.
Click on Administative Tools.
Click on Services.
Double Click on TCP/IP Print Server.
Click on Start under Service status:
Change Startup type to: Automatic.
Click on OK.

3. Enable Port 515 under the XP Firewall.
Click on the Start Menu then Control Panel.
Click on Network and Internet Connections.
Click on Windows Firewall.
Click on the Exceptions Tab.
Click on Add Port.
For Port Name enter: AIS Remote Printing
For Port Number enter: 515
Select TCP then click on OK.
Click on OK again.

These steps needs to be implemented on the workstation for AIS Remote Printing services like IDOCS to function.

One the AIS Administration side. You will need to contact the AIS Help Desk at x66951 or by emailing helpdesk@ais.ucla.edu to ensure that they have the correct IP address for your workstation and queue name for the printer. I always make the queue name: ais (I believe the queque name is case sensitive).

To look up your IP address:
Click on the Start Menu then on Run.
Type: cmd
Then click on OK.
Type: ipconfig
Hit enter.

Your IP address should now be listed. Write it down.

If you have never had Remote Printing setup by AIS before you can go to this url:
To fill out a request form or you can contact the AIS Help Desk.

SECRET CODE: 1001373 – Mike Lee
SUPER SUPER SECRET CODE (Hummingbird Explorer): 1002102
AIS Helpesk Number: x66951

Selecting the correct R-Printer
Have users log into Oasis
f8 to scroll through list
S (capital S) to select appropriate printer
double checked that you selected the right one because putting an “S” on the printer actually selects the one below that…

Tricky Tricky…