Zamzar for file conversion

  • Message from Mike Franks (14 Apr 2007):

This site claims to do conversion of document, image, music and video formats, for free. I haven’t tried it but someone on another (non-UCLA) list, said he had used it for months converting docs between .doc and .pdf and “never had problems with loss of formatting.” It sounded too good to be true, just for PDF conversions, but the website says video, audio and image formats can be converted as well. Let me know if you try it out. Thanks,

  • Response from Huan Wang (18 Apr 2007):

I tried converting DOC to PDF, WMV to MOV, and GIF to JPG. All seemed to work well. Files are uploaded on-line (it is also OK to upload an URL to the file), and links to the converted file are sent to the requester via e-mail. When the requester gets the email depends on the file size and whether the server is busy or not. I tried it this morning, and it took me 2-5 mins to get the email per request. Multiple files can be done at a time as a batch. Files uploaded can be up to 100MB in size per request. Below is the list of the file types they can convert from and to: